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Eram Motors, formerly known as ITL Motors, was founded in 2010. In 2015, the company came to be known as Eram Motors, under the versatile Eram Group. Eram Motors is the No.1 Mahindra & Mahindra Vehicle Dealer in Kerala, with 19 branches spanning the state.

We believe that life is to be explored and journeys to be taken, all now. And that is what Eram Motors envisages to materialize for you, with the unbeatable Mahindra & Mahindra Automotives in our showroom.

We envision helping you choose your dream vehicle to providing the associated support and services, we are committed to making your life an experience worth talking about. We strive to indulge our customers in innovation, technology and satisfaction in tandem.

Making ownership a breeze apart, we are driven by the mission to provide incomparable customer service at our centres, so that exploring with your Mahindra vehicle is not a hassle. Our professional employees are keen to make your automotive problems their business, attending to you with efficiency and responsibility.

One of a Kind

A unique vehicle brand like Mahindra & Mahindra comes definitely best through a unique dealer like us.

Our Commitment

Our commitment reflects in our trustability and support right from the first sight.


Tweak your Mahindra vehicle to your own whims with some extra effort from our smart guys.


What we constantly strive to keep is reasonability - in our prices, sales, services and support.

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Our journey throughout the years

our milestones

  • 01

    the inception

    Born in 2009 as Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Cars Principal Dealer for North Kerala under the flagship of Eram Group.

  • 02

    Eram Group

    A conglomerate of 40 different enterprises, dispersed over 15 countries.

  • 03

    To Begin With

    Our stocks catered with Passenger MUV s, SUV s, Passenger Hatchback, Light Commercial Vehicles and Public Service Vehicles.

  • 04

    Come 2010

    And the bigger voyage started with the super-built facility at Thrissur, named 3S for Sales, Services and Spares, flanked with a total of 200 employees.

  • 05

    And 2011 Witnessed

    The complete North Kerala expansion with 2 New Super-built facilities A.K.A 3S in Calicut and Kannur over 2 years.

  • 06

    The Family Grows 3-Fold!

    150 Product Sales Drivers, 300 Post-Sale Drivers and 190 Back-end Troops totalled to 600 employees in 2014.

  • 07

    More Outlets, said 2015

    And we opened 18 sales outlets and 19 service outlets!

  • 08

    Sales Outlets were a Sum of

    4 3S Facilities and 14 three shutter/four shutter sales outlets.

  • 09

    Service Outlets Came About from

    4 WS facilities, 9 Quick service points and 6 Dealer service centres.

  • 10

    Soon the Workforce Grew Over 1200 With

    360 Pre-sale drivers in Sales Force 55 Number Crunchers
    6 in Connectivity/Interface
    16 in Human Resource
    90 in Administration
    600 Post Sale Drivers in Service Force

  • 11

    We Service

    200 Cars Everyday!

  • 12

    We Sell

    2 Cars Every Hour!

  • 13

    And We Flaunt

    About 1 million Sq. Ft. of Infra-Built up Facility.

  • 14

    Year 2016 was Rewarding!

    Eram Motors was honored as NO.1 JDP MAHINDRA DEALER PAN INDIA.

  • 15

    And 33,439 Happy Customers

    And Counting...!

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