Some things get better and better with time. Remarkably so. The New Age Mahindra XUV500 has materialized with some innovations that are worth taking note of if you are fascinated about smart stuffs.

Let’s take a glance at what’s so great about the Cheetah-Inspired New Age XUV500.

1.  Android Auto

It’s safe and comfortable to be hands-free while driving. Driving doesn’t have to keep you away from your multipurpose gadget. Now connect your infotainment system to your android device with Android Auto facility and access calls easily, read and send text messages, set up navigation, play music to begin with a few. Android Auto feature in the New Age XUV500 makes it a smart choice to hang out with.

2.  Eco-Sense

For the first time in India, the New Age XUV500 is bringing you the Ecosense technology. This unique feature assists you in optimizing your fuel consumption and also to cut down Carbon dioxide output by enhancing your driving experience. Connected to the infotainment system, it provides an ‘Ecoscore’ measured by some parameters. The parameters measured are:

1. Speed

2. Gear Selection

3. Acceleration

4. Idling

5.Clutch Usage

6.Brake Usage

Plus, have fun sharing your Eco-score on social networking sites. Tell the world how you are contributing to make it a better place!



3. Connected Apps


This is sheer fun. What would you do without an infotainment system? And yes, more so now because it makes the already exciting driving even more enjoyable. Connected Apps, too, is being presented for the first time in Indian Auto Industry. A bunch of great apps like Gaana, Zomato, Bookmyshow, Cricket Live and a whole lot more are available now on your infotainment system. It is as smart as your smartphone. So, if you don’t want these apps on your smartphone, but you still need to access them, all you need is a Wifi-hotspot to get them on your infotainment system.

4.  Emergency Call (E-Call)

Mahindra takes safety seriously. Emergencies are unpredictable and it is not always about how good a driver you are. So, there is this new world-class safety technology by the name of E-Call (Emergency Call) that can connect you to the Emergency Services just in case there’s a bad time around the corner. It is always best to be prepared.

If the airbags deploy during a possible accident, E-Call automatically calls 108, the emergency services number. You can also pre-set two emergency numbers to which this feature will send text alerts through a mobile device that has been paired with the feature. Emergency is all about being quick and E-Call is the latest answer to it.

5. Enhanced Suspension

 It doesn’t hurt to have more of the already great things. That is why the New Age XUV500 has enhanced its suspension, so that adventures don’t have to be rough rides. They can also be luxurious, plush and comfortable. Count on the New Age XUV500 for increased stability, heightened comfort and accurate steering, all besides an enhanced suspension.

Further, enjoy the improved impact performance over the doomed country roads in India – potholes, broken surfaces and speed breakers won’t be all that bumpy anymore!

Hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse at these freshly pressed attractions in this roaring animal of an SUV. 

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