The scorching heat has given way to cloudbursts now. Monsoon is here for good. However, monsoon ailments do take away a lot of the fun. The suffering team includes our cars, too. Driving in the rain is a wonderful experience, but one with many hazards, too, if your car is not prepped to take the downpours and maintained well to breeze through the rains without concerns.

Take a look at these few reminders and enjoy Monsoon without any automotive worries.

     1.  Tyre Condition

The first and foremost concern is undoubtedly the wellness of your car’s tyres. Check them for any wear and tear and compromise in grip, so as to avoid hydroplaning during heavy rains. Without well-gripping tyres, your brakes are no good.

    2.  Brake Condition

Another safety concern is the well-being of your braking system. Brake calipers have to be kept dirt-free for smooth working. Chances are water gets to the brake drums anyway and you have to ensure that your brakes are not too loose or too tight. Yo can try drying the brake drums as soon as you have crossed waters by throttling gently by keeping one foot on the brake.

    3.  Wipers

Replace worn-out wiper blades and check their condition often. The wiper blades are easily damaged. Driving with an inefficient pair of wipers on the windshield during even a moderate rain is like driving to the cemetery.

    4.  Electrical Circuits and Fuses

Fix any loose electrical parts and replace weak ones. External wires have to be insulated. You don’t want to be electrocuted by your car in the rain. Ensure all lights are in good working condition since you will need them in the heavy rains for your own safety and that of others, too. Check the battery for well-maintained terminals. It may be a good idea to insulate the terminals with some petroleum jelly.

   5.  Body and Polish

The lion’s share of the blow from weather changes and extreme climates is taken by the body of the car. Prep your car for monsoon after having it pass through the scorching heat of the summer. Giving a coat of wax polish might be a great treat for your buddy, keeping off the slightly acidic rain water from the paint and metal parts, and letting the water drops to slide off easily. Further, anti-moisture sprays can protect exposed metal parts from rusting and greasing door hinges can avoid screeching and stuck doors.

   6.  Interiors and Cleanliness

A drive can get soggy if uninvited water seeps into the interior of the car. If your car has this habit of letting water pass through, keep storage of fabric mats to soak it up in the cabin floor. Or the water can damage the car mats and upholstery. The smell of a dank car is not good either. Keep the car vacuumed and aerated so that it stays fresh inside.

 Now, you’re all set for that drive in the rain! Drive slow, drive safe and enjoy the Monsoon while are safe and dry in your car.

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