Almost everyone loves giving advice. When the subject matter at hand is related to Car and car care, everyone has an opinion, advice and 'personal experience' - from the 12-year-old who read Auto car once, to the 60-year-old who failed driving test thrice.

Among this so-called advice and valuable information are a lot of ill-informed facts that will steer us in the wrong direction. Here are a few of the myths or bad advice that float around and the truth behind those advices.

ADVICE: You don't need special car washing products, anything from your kitchen or detergent that'll make soapy water is fine. If they can remove dirt from clothes and utensils, they can remove dust and dirt from the car.

TRUTH: The truth couldn't be further from it. The soaps and detergents can strip your car's paint and create blotches on it. When you're washing your car, always use dedicated car wash products that are mild and car friendly.

ADVICE: Your hands should always be at 10 and 2'o Clock'. This is the best way to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

TRUTH: The above-mentioned may have been true for older models without airbags, but since the modern cars come with airbags, this driving tip may lead to bruises and broken arms. The most acceptable driving position for your hands in an airbag enabled car is '9 and 3'o Clock'

ADVICE: Backseat passengers don't need airbags! The seatbelts are only compulsory for drivers and front seat passengers.

TRUTH: Although being in the back seat may give a false sense of security, the seatbelts are a necessary safety precaution that every passenger must take. When an accident occurs, the passengers in the back are prone to more injuries if they aren't held securely by the seatbelts. The fate of the talented South-Indian actor Jagathi Sreekumar attests the same.

Hope this has helped you learn a few facts and helped you differentiate facts from fiction.

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