How would you like an up and down ride, revving up some powerful engine against the moist, chilly air and cloudbursts of Monsoon? The adventurous Mahindra is here to have some Monsoon fun. Eram Motors is thrilled to engage you with some exciting offer this Monsoon. The idea is to offer you a day-long drive to a selected destination in your favourite Mahindra vehicle! A whole day allotted to feel the rush of possessing it.

Monsoon Drive with Mahindra is brought up with an escalated customer experience in mind. We decided that a short test drive might be a tad bit outdated to get the hang of a vehicle you want to take out on your next trip. Especially when they come with lots of innovations and technology worth exploring and experiencing for a longer time.

Decisions based on experiences rather than a short test drive will definitely be a more sensible one. And we are all in to facilitate it.

The Monsoon Drive offer starts on July 1st, 2017, going on for two months. Register now to get the best of Monsoon! Join us for this enthralling experience and rev up the power-packed engines against the Monsoon waters.

To register for Monsoon Drive with Mahindra, Click Here.

Let’s go about the T&C for the sake of procedures now.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Dealer will provide the vehicle for 24 hours from starting time.

2. The customer may take the vehicle from concerned dealership and deliver back on the prescribed time period.

3. For city drive, the fuel will be supplied by the Company.

4. For a long drive, fuel will be borne by the customer. No contribution from the side of Company.

5. If there are any traffic rule violations/mishaps during the course of driving experience, all cost, claims and expenses should be borne by the customer.

6. The customer should possess a valid license, and should produce an attested copy of the same.

7. Test drive will be based upon vehicle availability, registration date and time.

Take a deep breath, sign up and be ready to conquer the Monsoon with Mahindra! Thrill is just around the corner!

Test Drive