The Mahindra Thar is a much appreciated off roader that fuelled and reignited the passion for off-roading among adventure junkies. The Mahindra Thar tops the Bucket list of many gear heads, and points to the love that very few can brag about.

Indians always held the Jeep in high regard. The way it tackled terrains and hurdles was a lesson for life. The vehicle and its driver were heroes, straight out of the comic books. The way they dodged hurdles and manoeuvred the vehicle was not viewed upon as a mere driver’s job, they were perceived as artists, artists who created an art form that would be termed as off-roading.

In 1948, Mahindra & Mahindra started importing fully assembled Willys Jeeps from USA, and later on started assembling them in India itself. The post-war Willys Jeeps reigned the rural and rugged back roads of India for decades and continues to help out many, in the rural hilly areas of India.

Bought to life in the later part of 2010, the Mahindra Thar wasn’t too enthralling, thanks to the lack of aesthetic appeal and the striking similarity towards the much older model, the MM540. But the off roader held the higher ground and had created a cult following, owing to its superiority - on and off the road. Now, after a minor facelift, Mahindra Thar stands unrivalled, unapologetically rugged, and ready for anything that comes its way.

Unlike its predecessor, the Mahindra Thar performed quite well on the well paved roads and gave a perfect drive in city and highways, without breaking a sweat. Its ability to live up to expectations and exceed them was evident from the public reception and acceptance. The customizable raw design that strongly resembles the iconic Willys Jeep which reigned Indian (unpaved) roads along with the many customizable kits for off-roading made Mahindra Thar – the perfect off-roader.

The fans of Mahindra Thar are a bunch of passionate gearheads, who’d give an arm and a leg for the car.

* Mahindra Thar! The car/Jeep (I think Jeep is perfect word to explain this vehicle) is a vehicle that should be must for everyone, especially for those persons who love to explore. The 4X4 makes Thar a perfect vehicle for me. Whenever I take out my Thar everyone used to still for seconds and only watch my Thar. - Manpreet Singh

* It's an excellent vehicle which is best suited for Indian roads. I am in love with Mahindra Thar, it's a best off-road machine anyone could buy at this price with these aggressive looks. - Mrinal Pareek

That is what Mahindra Thar is about, fuelling the passionate towards their dreams, and legacy of the Icon still lives through India’s Favourite Off-roader – The Mahindra Thar.

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