Blessed with narrow beachside roads, winding hill stations, and scenic beauty as far as the eye can see, Kerala truly is God’s own country. But the monsoon that brings showers to the lush green flora also brings destruction to the poorly made roads and create puddles that could swallow men alive. Here is where Mahindra comes in. With vehicles that can race over every type of terrain like breeze, Mahindra vehicles are the Robin to Kerala Police’s Batman.

Mahindra has long been a partner in Kerala Police’s vigilance, courting back to the legendary MM 540. With new torque on the road, the police force is equipped with the latest of what Mahindra can offer today. Here are the Mahindra connections that aid our safe-guarders in uniform.

Mahindra MM 540:

Out of production yet a gratuitous presence in the Kerala Police Force, the discontinued versions of the MM 540 constantly remind us of the stretched affiliation with Mahindra. Still evident on the roads, they echo the commanding voice of the Kerala Police

This elegant off-roader has lived up to prestige for decades, and can still be seen roaming the streets, making sure that criminals keep to themselves. To the lawmen of Kerala, who hold dearly some of the last production MM 540’s, they still shine as bright as stars.

Mahindra Bolero Invader:

The zigzagging twists in the one too many hill stations spread across Kerala bend their knee to the brutal force of the Bolero. Pumping close to 2500cc, Bolero Invader’s ability to manoeuvre across damp land, dry land and highland territory are only a valuable asset to the Kerala Police.

The Bolero’s strong build, 4X4 drive and mean aesthetics are a close reminder of the need for off-road vehicles in India’s diverse landscape.

Being widely popular among Mahindra’s additions to the Indian Police force, the Bolero and Bolero Invader are a good match for demanding calendars.

Mahindra Scorpio:

The stylish charisma of Mahindra Scorpio is a great addition to the Police force in Kerala. With its manly aesthetics and powerful build, it truly stays true to the expectations.

Ranging from about 2000cc and up to 2700cc, the varieties Mahindra offers are simply enthralling. The stylistic design packed with gratis control to tame the most demanding roads, from hill stations to city scape, this brute is modestly bombastic. Tested and trained mascots of law, the Police Force rarely call it a day with the emotive Mahindra Scorpio.

The State Government expects a lot from the Police force of Kerala. The geographic diversity of Kerala would probably keep the motor transport wing awake up at night, had it not been for the beasts of Mahindra.

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