As Mahindra KUV1OOnxt hits the market, gear-heads shift into the prospect of variation in a competitive UV segment.

The facelift version being equipped with numerous changes to its predecessor KUV1OO, the new KUV1OOnxt comes with additional ride height and more inches to a stylish choice of alloyed rims.

For off-roading enthusiasts this means adventure.

Mahindra has been introducing crosses to snatch the competitive Indian market recently. The KUV1OOnxt features exuberant competition to the UV division. This model is designed to recapture and reenergise loyal customers with surplus micro-SUV features and ride-comfort.

Mahindra is alleged to have built the nxt specifically on all-terrain specs.

Available with 1.2 litre G-80 mFalcon petrol and 1.2 litre D-75 diesel engines under the hood, KUV1OO is meant to bring a mean faceoff with rivals.

With the petrol engine torqued up to 82 bhp @ 5,500 rpm and the diesel producing up to 77 bhp @ 3,750 rpm, the fuel economy is surprisingly efficient. Delivering 18.15 kmpl for petrol varieties and 25.32 kmpl for the diesel versions, the KUV1OOnxt is a good bargain considering the bonuses.

With the car extended horizontally by 25mm and equipped with ahigher suspension, this multi-purpose micro-SUV has hit the market on a strong reminder of Mahindra’s reputable presence. This means only one thing for gear heads across the globe, a smaller car, all terrain capabilities and impeccable fuel economy.

The geographical diversity around is to be flattered by the renditions to the KUV1OO nxt. Crafted to keep you moving for many miles and many smiles, KUV1OOnxt is undoubtedly creating a lot of hype.

The cutting edge infotainment interiors and comfortable seating is just a beginning of the journey with KUV1OO nxt. With the successful XUV, TUV facsimiles to back the eminence, the KUV1OOnxt is spacious with a 3+3 seating arrangement and 243 litres boot space. Long trips are never a worry.

Ranging from Rs. 4.7 to 7.5 lakh, the diesel and petrol versions released on the 10th of October 2017. The KUV100nxt’s reasonable price tag is an attractive proposition from Mahindra.

The hike in suspension shows a lot of assurance in the weight distribution of this vehicle. The solid, durable Mahindra demeanour is once again tested as the KUV1OOnxt is in the UV limelight proclaiming its off-road capabilities.

Stylish interiors and new head-light décor is merely the by-product of exquisite engineering in this latest introduction. This mFalcon series is an exciting micro-UV.

KUV1OOnxt has reached the market and is officially reinstating M&M into the Utility Vehicle contest nevertheless.

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