Car breakdowns can be annoying and they are mostly unexpected. There are countless possible mishaps that could sabotage a nice ride, an emergency trip or a routine drive. Knowing the basics might save you. Here are 5 issues that could be reasons behind an uncalled event that might come in handy for you.

1.  Battery Glitches

Batteries seldom give trouble during warm weathers. But they could give you trouble in the cold months. If you have parked outside without a shelter and then your car wouldn’t start, your battery has probably gone cold. Check for glitches in battery. Cold weathers can shorten the longevity of a car battery from its normal 3 to 5 years. So, it might be a good idea to check the battery routinely according to the weather conditions in your place.

2.  Wear and Tear in Belts

Belts are basically what make your car move. The internal components are connected with belts that make them move. Wear and tear in belts is not very different from tears in our hamstring muscles. Normal movement is affected. But as a mechanical issue, prevention is better than fixing a broken belt. Belt tears can lead to complicated engine troubles.

3.  Brake Breaks

Bad brakes are malice although driving might not be affected. Because you are going to need to stop somewhere. Damaged brake pads or rotors can make stopping the vehicle impossible. Now that is life-threatening as well as damaging to dear property. Any unsound sounds from the brakes while stamping on it - screeches rattles or shakes - you must be on your way to repair garage.

4.  Starter Trouble

Starting trouble is quite clichéd. But more intimidating might be the Starter trouble. When you hear nothing or hear some clicking sounds when you turn the key and give ignition, guess that you have got a starter trouble. Check to confirm by turning on the lights, interior or headlights, as the starting problem could be from a bad battery, too. If the lights do turn on, you can be sure that the problem is with the starter or relay and not with the battery.

5.  Engine Health

Look out for the health of your engine. The engine maybe at danger if the temperature gauge on your car glares red. A quick fix is to turn off Air Conditioner and turn on the heat. The hot air will be moved away from the engine vicinity. Check the radiator and the level of coolant, which has to be full. A breakdown of engine or radiator can be a high end repair expense.

We hope this list has been informative so that you know a few things about how to deal with a misbehaving car and possible mishaps.

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